Wedding Photographer Near Me

Choosing a Wedding Photographer Near Me

For years, choosing a wedding photographer near me was difficult because their portfolios looked so similar. Each one had basic shots of brides and grooms posed next to each other, along with some pictures of wedding reception staples like cutting the first piece of cake. While these types of pictures aren't necessarily bad, they're nothing special either.

This changed with the arrival of our studio, Pavel VK Photography. We specialize in providing lifelike moments, not just posed studio shots. These moments put you in locations other than our studio or the wedding venue. If you have a local spot that is a key part of your love story, we can travel there and get pictures of you and your new spouse interacting as you might have as you were falling in love. We can also incorporate key objects, such as vehicles, which are significant to both of you.

Of course, our professional wedding photographer in Marietta will also take pictures of your wedding itself, as well as your reception. These pictures will also capture you in lifelike poses rather than the statue-like ones that were the standard at other studios for so long. This makes it so that when you look back into your wedding photo book years from now, you'll immediately feel the romance which fueled your decision to marry.

To book our services, simply call our studio and ask to schedule our professional wedding photographer in Marietta. We are willing to travel to many other locations in Georgia, as well, so there's no need to do without if you're outside of this city. We'll be glad to travel to ensure that your wedding pictures are active, romantic, and truly worth looking at for years to come.