Photographer In Marietta

Hire a Photographer in Marietta for Portraits and Events

Hiring a professional photographer near me for photographic portraits and events ensures that you'll get crisp, clear pictures. These images will look better than those taken by amateurs for several reasons. Professionals pay attention to lighting, use stable equipment to eliminate camera shake, and use cameras that allow for much finer focus than the auto-focus ones common among lay people.

While these things alone make it so that almost anyone can tell the difference between shots taken by a pro photographer in Marietta and a random person, there are also important differences between the pros themselves. For example, if you go to one for portrait photography, many will just have you stand in front of a neutral-toned screen and smile. This will get you an image suitable for a passport or school ID, but not necessarily one that you'd want to put on your wall or website.

If you come to our studio, you won't end up with a mere ID-grade picture. Our photographer in Marietta will put you into a scene that lets your personality shine out or that captures the essence of the event that motivated you to have a portrait made. These pictures are far more memorable, and they also make you look more engaged. This creates a much better impression among those who see your portrait.

The same basic differences exist if you hire us rather than a random professional photographer near me. We use active poses and backgrounds for events like weddings and graduations, and we also create images that recreate some of the key events that led up to the major ones. This makes it so that your photo book will tell a story, rather than simply document the fact that something happened. You'll love the difference.