There are not many places in this world that can capture one’s imagination and fascination quite like Vizcaya. 

History lovers and tourists alike are entranced by this estate, and for good reason. Nestled comfortably into a little corner of Miami, FL, Vizcaya is known the world over for its luxury, beauty and elegance.

In the early 1900’s, a well known industrialist, James Deering, found himself plagued by some health problems which were worsened by the climate in Maine, his lifelong home. When doctors recommended that he find himself a warmer, more temperate climate, Deering’s love for boating naturally drew him to Southern Florida, where he painstakingly built his incredible mansion, blending European aesthetic with American ingenuity in a masterful way. The massive Vizcaya estate became his “winter home” from 1916 until his death in 1925.

After his death, his heirs slowly sold off exterior portions of his gardens, eventually diminishing the size of the estate to its current condition, then donating the contents of the mansion and establishing the property as a museum (1953) and later as a National Historic Landmark (1994).

 Since its opening in 1953, Vizcaya has been no stranger to high-profile events, hosting numerous top tier occasions throughout the years. It was in this location that Ronald Reagan met with Pope John Paul II in 1987. Queen Elizabeth II graced its grounds with her presence in 1991, and in 1994, Vizcaya served as the backdrop for the Summit of the Americas, where world-wide dialogues took place to bring unity to economic and political discussions. Add to these the countless number of truly elevated luxury wedding celebrations, corporate events and top tier occasions, and Vizcaya has become recognized across the world for its history, delicate intrigue and renown. 

Today, Vizcaya is open to the public almost daily, and, if you ever find yourself in Miami, I highly recommend that you put it at the top of your list. I trust you’ll find yourself to be as entranced by its beauty and delicate charm as I was.  

Editorial Work at Vizcaya

In January 2024, I was privileged to be able to photograph with “Editorial Experiences,” an organization that designs destination editorial experiences for luxury wedding photographers like myself. While these events have been hosted all over the world, I was thrilled to be able to participate in the most recent experience at Vizcaya. The event was filled with industry-leading speakers, florists, make-up artists, models, and top-notch educators. And, yes, even the legendary KT Merry was there (that may have been my favorite part!). Events like these help me to stay on top of my game, understand current trends, improve my creative site and network, and even become friends with people I didn’t previously know that I couldn’t live without. 

Vizcaya proved to be a perfect location for this special event, and I found it rather surreal to have the entire venue all to ourselves. We were even permitted access to places that typical tourism does not allow, enabling us to see the ins and outs not only of the luxury wedding industry, but also of this magnificent estate. After ten years of photographing weddings and being fully occupied by this industry, this weekend felt to me like a graduation of sorts: a new level of creativity, inspiration and life-changing experiences were unlocked.

Of course, capturing life’s masterpieces through photography becomes a whole lot easier when the venue offers the kind of serene beauty that is offered at Vizcaya. The backdrop that Vizcaya provided for this luxury event was truly unparalleled. A wedding, corporate affair or special event hosted at Vizcaya is simply … unforgettable. 

As the years tick by,

I continue to find joy in learning and growing in my craft. While I’m grateful for all the lessons I’ve learned, my most recent lesson is one in which I am finding great pleasure, and it is one that really hit home throughout this event. Years have perfected my technical nuances and personal style; those parts have become like second nature to me. In addition to specific imagery, technique and style, however, photography has become something more: it is about fully immersing myself and my team into life’s celebrations over the course of days at a time, capturing all of the tiny, individual moments of a special occasion that, when put together, paint a fuller picture than could ever be captured by words and memories alone. Photography is not just a picture; photography is a means for the mind to remember life’s masterpieces.

Preparing for a luxury-level wedding at Vizcaya requires a certain level of planning in addition to the procuration of top-tier services. The right planners, florists, artists, musicians, and photographers will make all the difference in the seamless execution of your perfect event. If you landed on this page in search of recommendations for those who are matchless in their crafts, search no further. Please allow me to be your guide and message me at

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Planning: Amberly Odom, Wrennwood Design


Photography: Pavel VK, Pavel VK Photography, inc.


Venue: Vizcaya Museum and Gardens


Floral Design: Mibellarosa’


Stationery: Em Paper Co

Linens: Nuage Linens


Cakes: Cake Envy and Bakes by Parisa


Menswear: The Modern Gent

@moderngentstyle @tomford @louboutinworld

Bridal Gowns: @MiraZwillinger


Rentals: Vivant


Tabletop: Treasury Rentals


Accessories: Hillary Jackson


Flatlay Styling: Em Paper Co

Custom Backdrop: Willow Canvas


Styling Mats: Lindale Studios, Locust Collection



Shoes: She is Cheval


Hair & Makeup: Vigilante Cosmetics


Talent Agency: madlagency


BTS Team: Each Day Florals, DRL Florals, @eachdayflorals

Event Logistics: The Gentlemen Event Concierge


Host: The Editorial Experiences